Franchise Incentive: Wings and Rings Launches Franchise Expansion Plan

Wings and Rings, the 85-unit, Cincinnati-based restaurant and bar franchise, continues to grow, expanding to open additional locations, often with existing franchisees looking to grow. Three new locations are opening soon: Frankfort, Kentucky; Harlingen, Texas; and Reynosa, Mexico.

“Most of our expansions this year are with multi-unit operators continuing to open locations, explained Dan Doulen, Director of Franchising and Real Estate. “This is a meaningful trend because it shows that our owners have success with the location(s) they have open and want to continue to grow with the brand.”

Next year, as the brand celebrates its 40th birthday, Doulen said, another three to five restaurants are slated to open. Three locations are expansions with current owners, and the other two are new, multi-unit franchisees who have joined the system.

Wings and Rings’ Development Incentive

As the system continues to grow, the Wings and Rings corporate team has noted the success many owners see with their first location(s) and wants to make the investment more accessible to passionate prospective owners.

With the Wings and Rings Development Incentive, new owners entering the system will enjoy NO franchise fees and NO royalties for the first 12 months of operation.

“We will always research to find ways to reduce the initial investment so that the owner can put those savings into additional training, construction, marketing or other things to get them off to a strong start,” said Doulen. “That’s our way to help new owners with their initial investment and over the first 12 months.”

This incentive supports the brand’s continued expansion as it worked to add new restaurants in areas with an existing brand presence.

“We are intentionally, strategically opening around current locations,” added Doulen. “Continuing to open around locations that are currently open and operating allows us to build brand awareness and market multiple stores as opposed to just one single location. However, we are always open to speak with single and multi-unit franchisees to open locations across the U.S.”

As it builds on a strong presence nationwide, Wings and Rings is looking to work with passionate owners in Ohio, Indiana, Florida and Kentucky.